Nebula One

Nebula One brings the cloud to you, under your control, behind your firewall. It is an integrated hardware and software appliance providing distributed compute, storage, and network services in a unified system.

Designed to grow with you


22 Cores

100GB Memory

42TB Combined Storage

Cores / RAM / Storage in our example configuration. Storage includes object storage, with replications, volumes, and instance storage.

Users are able to leverage familiar tools and existing knowledge in building their applications. Administrators use streamlined and powerful management software to lower operational complexity and control costs. Nebula One is a truly turnkey solution that includes Nebula hardware and software, plus industry-standard servers from trusted vendors. This system enables an unparalleled economy-of-scale for our customers.

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Nebula One consists of Nebula hardware and software coupled with certified industry-standard x86 servers known as Nebula Cloud Nodes to create a private cloud. The heart of the solution is the Nebula Cloud Controller, an appliance which integrates up to 40 servers.

Embedded on each controller is Nebula Cosmos, our operating system used to orchestrate services and provide end-user functionality. Cosmos simplifies administration for the entire cloud system through a unified management interface enabling end users to provision their own compute and storage resources via an intuitive self-service portal. It provides API compatibility with the OpenStack and Amazon EC2/S3 cloud platforms.

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Security and Compliance

Many recognize the benefits of agility, efficiency, and scale that IaaS provides, but find that public providers do not fit the bill. Private cloud systems provide the same benefits in provisioning and management, but overcome the hurdles of using public, off-site, shared infrastructure. A private cloud deployed in your data centers provides physical security, regulatory compliance, and direct connections to existing data, users, and resources with all the benefits of public IaaS providers.

Easy, Complete, Internal IaaS

Some private cloud offerings require massive in-house engineering or consulting efforts; while others leave the feeling that they forced cloud into existing product-lines after the fact, without fully embracing IaaS concepts and benefits. Nebula One captures the full range of IaaS concepts and functionality in a powerful, simple-to-deploy system.

Ecosystem and Interoperability

For users, the Nebula Cosmos cloud operating system implements OpenStack, AWS APIs, and a rich, intuitive graphical interface. Users can leverage their knowledge of public cloud services and make use of vast on-line and open-source resources to rapidly deploy and manage new and existing applications. For administrators, Nebula One has been engineered to enable rapid provisioning and simplified management. Administrators allocate resources across the system, and users consume those resources on-demand.

The Scale You Need

Nebula One allows you to start with the compute and storage you need today, and scale seamlessly across multiple racks tomorrow. This is achieved through a simple, expandable network architecture that presents itself as a single device on your network.

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